Our elementary school programming works with teachers to spark innovative ideas in students in grades 5 through 8 in the Algoma Region. Encouraging and fostering innovation, digital literacy and entrepreneurial thinkers to develop new ideas and solutions to everyday problems through in-class programs and after-school activities!


All our in-class programming is delivered by trained staff and community volunteers who bring real world experience into the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to contact us to fit a program into your class schedule. 

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Innovation & Curiosity Programs

Sending Signals

This program provides students with the opportunity to find new ways of communicating through transmitting signals of light, sound, and vibration. By utilizing Google's Science Journal App, students will experience an interactive lesson where they will learn how to interpret the information collected through graphs and the importance of different communication techniques.

1 Hr
Grades 6-8

Sorting Machine

This interactive program provides students with the opportunity to create their own sorting machine completely powered by gravity. Using the resources provided, students will need to create a gravity powered machine using their creativity and knowledge. 

1 Hr
Grades 6-8

Mystery Build

This exciting activity allows students the opportunity to get creative and build their own item using the resources provided. At the end students will be required to explain to the class their 'invention' and why they created that product.

1 Hr
Grades 6-8

Digital Literacy & STEM Programs

Intro to Computer Science & Coding

This program introduces computer science concepts at the elementary school level. With the use of drag and drop block programming, students will learn many of the basics including variables, functions, loops, and conditionals without needing to type code.

4-6 Hr
Grades 5-8

Intro to Web Page Programming

This program will introduce the key languages of the web - HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Students will learn to use HTML to layout the content of simple web pages and CSS to style the look and feel (e.g. colors, fonts).  

1-3 Hr
Grades 6-8

Intro to Mobile App Programming

This program will provide student with an introduction to mobile application programming using simple drag-n-drop block programming on a simulator of a mobile device.  Learn to program user inputs and design layouts for mobile devices.

1-3 Hr
Grades 7-8


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