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First Ever World EntreBREWneur Day!

Vaughn Alexander speaks to World EntreBREWneur Day participants

YouLaunch celebrated World Entrepreneurs’ Day a little early this year, hosting the world’s first “World EntreBREWneur Day” at Outspoken Brewing.

The event took on a local twist, highlighting the importance of local entrepreneurs, local businesses and entrepreneurship in the world of beer brewing.

Featuring a speech from Vaughn Alexander, Outspoken Brewing co-founder; Vaughn spoke on the importance of entrepreneurship in the city, some of his past entrepreneurial experiences, and how Outspoken came to be.

Vaughn believes that "Entrepreneurs are the forefront of local economic sustainability, employment, community and cultural development. It is not an easy path, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Follow your passion with integrity."

World Entrepreneurs’ Day officially takes place on August 21 each year, with the purpose of creating awareness for worldwide entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.


WED is the day of founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers.

AIBA, the Alliance of International Business Associations invites everyone to organize happenings around the world to promote WED.

For more information on World Entrepreneurs Day you can visit the website:

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