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Grub @ The Hub

YouLaunch and the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre have brought back the Grub at The Hub lunch networking events. This event is taking place once a month at the Accelerator Hub downtown at 258 Queen Street. The events have been catered by Solo Ristorante and provide local professionals a chance to network and learn a little more about local services.

The Grub at The Hub event was kicked off with Nevin Buconjic who discussed being an entrepreneur and bringing the Startup community to Sault Ste. Marie. Startup Sault is a network for local entrepreneurs to gather, learn from each other and get access to invaluable resources and programming. The organization is entrepreneur led and they are committed to the long-term success and sustainability of the community. Startup Sault is a member of the larger Startup Canada network. More information on Startup Sault can be found on their website;

The second Grub at The Hub event featured Katie Elliot, who presented on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship Evolution. Katie explained that Social Entrepreneurship is when a business is built around the concept of social, cultural or environmental problems. A local example of a local social enterprise is the Gore Street Café, who recently won the Innovation Social Entrepreneurship award at this year’s SSMART Awards.

Katie also informed those in attendance about Social Entrepreneurship Evolution (SEE) and their mandate. SEE is a local project being led by the Nordik institution and its various regional partners, SEE focuses on building a sustainable network by providing supports, setting up connections, sharing resources building capacities, engaging youth, using community-based research methods and promoting social entrepreneurship and the benefits it can bring to Northern Ontario. To learn more about SEE you can visit their website at

The next Grub at The Hub is on May 12th where Rory Ring, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce will be speaking.

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