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Business Model Canvas Contest!

YouLaunch is excited to introduce the Business Model Canvas (BMC) Contest to post-secondary students and youth aged 29 and under.

Participants will be asked to come up with a business idea, and describe their idea through filling out a BMC. Participants ideas can be real or a dream. No matter the idea, we want you to think about how your idea could work in reality.

Fill out the application form as well as the attached Business Model Canvas template. The BMC should be in point form and remain only one page.

Each BMC will be scored out of 100. There are nine (9) sections to fill in on the BMC, plus 10 points are available for creativity, vision and thoroughness.

One (1) winner will win $100 to the bookstore. All applicants will receive feedback on their plan and advice on resources that would be helpful to make their plan a reality.

For more information on the BMC you can visit

For contest information please contact or find us at our contest launch table:

Algoma U: November 10th 9:30AM-12:30AM

Sault College: November 11th 11:30am-2:00PM

Download the application package here ----->

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